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Burning vector match stick

Burning vector match stick
Got inspired looking at Vectortuts tutorial and tried my version. Comments & suggestions are welcome. Download source file (Free)

Mission accomplished

Initially, I thought we won’t be able to make a team for Urban Stampede 2011. But, somehow we were able pull in 4 member team with approval on time. Though, most of us (except me) had never done any 5K run, but the energy level and enthusiasm was high. It was a fantastic event with wonderful crowd and organized well by Runners For life at Clarks Exotica. Continue Reading →

What’s the time please?

What’s the time please?
Recently while doing some window shopping at one of the showrooms, I stumble upon this wall clock where 12 hour was abandoned by rest of the hours and wondering how you will arrive at the current time. Continue Reading →

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The messy art of UX sketching

I have a habit of scribbling/sketching some idea & concept but never continued that seriously. Reading this article, I feel that I should continue and fine tune my process. It […]